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Women’s rights in the new Islamist states

Isobel Coleman by Isobel Coleman
Council on Foreign Relations
June 2012

The dictatorships have been toppled, but will the new regimes rising up in the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings be any more sympathetic to the struggle for women’s rights in the region? The near term looks challenging but longer term, the picture brightens.


A lens on social movements

Andrew Burton by Andrew Burton
June 2012

In 2011, a freelance journalist from New York City covered two historic moments of civil unrest. From the Arab uprising in Tahrir Square to the Occupy movement in Zuccotti Park, Burton captured images that tell the story behind these momentous events. In this photo essay, he uses his lens to tell the story of how revolutions are created and sustained.

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The economic roots of the Arab Spring

Hernando de Soto on the fruit-seller whose fight changed the world.

The Arab Spring is usually seen as a backlash against repressive political regimes. Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto, best known for his advocacy for property rights in developing countries, has a different take. He says the causes were fundamentally economic. When the prevailing powers expropriated the livelihoods of entrepreneurs who lacked any legal standing, their dramatic protests sparked a revolution.


What Kind of Social Advocate are you?

Find out how you inspire change

What’s the best way to support a cause you believe in? Start by playing to your strengths. Our quiz will help identify which of seven types of social advocacy best suits your interests. We also suggest organizations where your style would enable you to have maximum impact. The rest is up to you!

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