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Find out how you inspire change

What's the best way to support a cause you believe in? Start by playing to your strengths. Our quiz will help identify which of seven types of social advocate best suits your interests. We’ll also suggest organizations to begin your search. The rest is up to you!

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1. I would be willing to lead a public debate on a social issue I'm interested in.
2. We are in this world to help others no matter how far away we are.
3. I am most interested in issues that have affected me at a personal level.
4. It is my responsibility to find ways to help others who haven't had the opportunities I’ve had.
5. When it comes to issues I care about, I won’t hesitate to take the lead.
6. I only engage in conversations about social issues with people I already know.
7. I concentrate my energy in helping my local community first.
8. I am very careful when choosing who I talk to about social issues.
9. I prefer to support social issues from home (e.g., blogging, emailing, over the phone) instead of at public events.
10. There is not much that someone like me can do to help solve big social issues like world hunger or poverty.

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